Behaviour Procedure

New Behaviour Procedure

As part of our constant drive to raise standards at Thomas Hepburn Academy and improve the learning experience for students we are introducing a new behaviour procedure.

The new procedure is designed to ensure that classroom behaviours from all students are positive, allowing the teacher to teach and the students to learn without distraction.

We will be using a ‘staged’ system called ‘Environment for Learning' which will inform students about any behaviours that are interrupting their learning and they will be given the opportunity to put this right, before sanctions are issued.

The Environment for Learning warnings and sanctions work as follows:

  • EL1 - Warning will be issued. Explanation is given about which rule is being broken and reminder about the EfL levels. Student name will be written onto an EfL poster, displayed in the classroom.
  • EL2 - Final Warning issued. Reminder that they are on the verge of a serious sanction and detention and a reminder given that they can still avoid that if they meet the expectations for the rest of the lesson. Student name will be written into box 2 on the EfL poster.
  • EL3 – student is relocated to another department classroom and 1hr detention issued for the same day.

This is a clear and fair system and students will be expected to carry out the sanctions without argument if they have failed the Environment for Learning system.

Following an EL3, a 1hr detention will be issued for the same day. Parents/carers will be informed by text message. Once a detention has been issued there will be no discussion or negotiation about the detention and it must be served that day.

When relocation has been triggered, this needs to be done without argument and refusal to relocate will result in the student being ‘On-Called’ and they will be placed into Isolation. A refusal to co-operate may result in a fixed term exclusion.

If a student arrives on time for their detention and carries it out in a sensible manner then it will be reduced to 30 minutes. Any student who arrives late or disrupts the detention will be kept for the full hour.

If a student fails to attend their detention an immediate text message will be sent home and their parent/carer will be required to bring their child into school the following day at 8:00am to meet with the Head of Year or a member of the Senior Leadership Team. Failure to attend this meeting will result in a student being placed in isolation until their parents/carers attend a meeting in school. The original detention will still need to be served following the meeting.

Students who are repeatedly picking up EL3 warnings and detentions will be placed into isolation and an emergency behaviour meeting will be called with parents/carers, senior staff and Governors to discuss individual behaviour support plans.

Later in the year we will be launching the Thomas Hepburn Expectations which will outline our expectations for all of the other aspects of school life and behaviour outside of the classroom. However, initially we are concentrating on ensuring that behaviour in the classroom is of the highest level to ensure all of our students have the greatest chance of success at Thomas Hepburn Academy.

Parent/Carer, Student and Academy Partnership

All of our students stand the greatest chance of success when there is a positive, three-way working relationship between home, the student and the academy.

We are introducing the new behaviour policy to ensure that your child has every opportunity to achieve and exceed their potential at Thomas Hepburn. In helping ensure this can happen, we would ask that you talk through the expectations and the new system at home with your child. All students have had an assembly on the new system and are fully aware of the proposed changes.

It is also important that students understand that there are consequences for poor behaviour and that the system will provide them with two opportunities to get things right in their lesson before they are removed and given the same-day detention. If they choose to ignore these warnings and opportunities then the sanction they are issued with must be carried out. Parents/Carers will be required to come into school if their child refuses to carry out their sanctions.

If you have any questions or comments then please do not hesitate to contact me on the main school number or by emailing: [email protected]